Computer Classes

Dandenong Community and Learning Centre (DCLC) offers a range of computer classes to meet training needs of the community. These classes include the following:

  • Computer Skills Class

  • Get Ready for Work (Computers) Class

Computer Skills Class

An introductory program in:

  • Understanding and using the different parts of a desktop computer.

  • Creating and saving documents.

  • Word processing and managing files.

  • Emails and accessing the internet

Participants will complete the program with:

  • Beginner’s skills in operating a desktop computer.

  • A certificate of participation

Get Ready for Work (Computers) Class

Get ready for work program, is to assist job seekers to find and maintain employment. The program has been designed to prepare job seekers, for the world of employment. Its role is to assist people to plan their career pathway that will lead them into the work force.

The program’s aim is to assist in:


  • Career Identification

  • Reasons to find a job

  • Cover Letter writing

  • Preparing a Resume

  • Overcoming barriers

  • Personal presentation

  • Interview techniques

  • Exploring current skills

  • Job Seeking on the Internet

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