About Us

Dandenong Community and Learning Centre is a vigorous and purposeful organisation that has managed to recruit some of the most inspiring and dedicated staff, who help to attract a wide range of local residents to be involved in the services offered.

We deliver a range of “core” programs focusing mainly on education, training, skills development, community participation and advocacy. The services offered by Dandenong Community and Learning Centre are constantly evolving and changing to meet the needs of our community and support where service gaps are identified.

Our intention, as a community development organisation is to stay close to the grass roots and work from a social justice perspective to address such things as disadvantage, empowerment, needs, and rights.

A very important aspect of what we do is “Partnership Program” – that is, working with other organisations or groups that have similar aims to meet the needs of a common client group or group of service users. We are not interested in competing, but in the best deal for the service users or members of our community.

Annual General Meeting Reports 

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Our Funders and Partners

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